It’s Okay To Make Things Easy On Your Teams

John Hartley
4 min readOct 13, 2022

Just because you had it rough coming up, doesn’t mean others need to feel that pain.

I was at a Cleveland Browns game a few weeks ago (lifelong fan, which probably explains some of my personality), and I noticed on the sideline a defensive coach holding up signs that gave a clear indicator of the offensive package (11 = 1 Running Back, 1 Tight End; 21 = 2 Running Backs, 1 Tight End and so on).

Any defensive player worth their salt is able to determine the offensive package. If you give them that information quickly and freely without them having to recognize it, think of the extra time saved. Suddenly defensive backs are able to think through their coverage and spend fewer cycles wondering about the package.

College sidelines, NFL sidelines, holding signs. Not a lack of trust, but available information in case they forget. What if we took that to our teams?

Make Information Easily Accessible

A common mistake by managers is not codifying team rules/behaviors by writing them down. Instead, they rely on rules to be spread by word of mouth, leaving new employees scratching their heads about the status quo.

By writing down rules and expectations, managers free their employees from memorizing how the team should operate. If…



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