The Simplest Performance Management Template

John Hartley
6 min readDec 15, 2023

Small company with no guidance on performance management? No problem. This template will give you a quick look to understand how your team is performing.

I want to be abundantly clear, this is not a tool to hold over your team and review weekly. “Bella, you’re doing fantastic, look at all these +2s. Bill? Oof, a large number of -2s here.”

Simple Performance Management Tracking Template Here (Google Sheet)

The tool is intended to help you get a quick assessment of who might need coaching, encouragement, or focused training. It is a high-level look to pattern-match and quantify something that is generally extremely subjective. A byproduct of this template is you can use it on yourself as well!

Once you’ve taken a look and read on, please let me know what you think about these templates. I’m always looking to make them more meaningful.

Performance management is a big topic, but let’s stay tight in this particular instance and not worry too much about the details. Instead, let’s assess how we can get a quick understanding of how our team is doing day-to-day and over a longer period.

I use a similar tool when I am working through performance management, and found it to be highly effective.

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